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This medium-to-full-bodied Robusto sports select aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos nestled inside an eye catching, dark and oily Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper. Witchdoktor Robusto cigars are 52-ring gauge box-pressed beauties made exclusively for JR by cigar legend AJ Fernandez.  Every puff delivers mouthwatering notes of coffee, chocolate, leather, spice, and an incredibly sweet tobacco aroma. Packaged in boxes of 10.

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  1. jrcigars

    I received this stick in a gift box. I've seen them throughout my JR searches but had never tried them. I loved it! Right up my ally with that nice leather taste which just got better and better. It wasn't perfect but I had to give it a 5 for flavor. I made a paper clip holder so I could smoke it down to the nub. More please!

  2. jrcigars

    Was excited to smoke these cigars. As soon as I took the first draw smoke started to come out of a few cracks and holes in the cigar . The cigars are two weeks old and have been in my humidor which maintains at 65 degrees and 65 humidity . Going to try another one in the next few days but looks like it will be the same results. The flavor was good and had a nice look to it .

  3. jrcigars

    Very aromatic. Smooth draw. Burns evenly. Solid cigar for the novice smoker. I discovered this in a sampler pack. Now I'm hooked.

  4. jrcigars


  5. jrcigars

    I love the Witchdoktor. It's one of AJ Fernandez better lines and at a price that can't be beat!

  6. jrcigars

    I love these smoke great draw smooth smoke price is right. I will buy again for sure.

  7. jrcigars

    Dang this is a nice smoke. I bought a box of 10 when JR was doing a sale and damn them… I loved 'em. If they were cheaper I'd buy them all the time. Loved the draw and the flavor and even if I had to put one out and relight later it still had good flavor. C'mon JR… do us a solid and put these on sale again OK?

  8. jrcigars

    This smoke is awesome. Very consistent every time. Also a great buy. A great pick me up for those bad days.

  9. jrcigars

    Hints of grenadine and a good amount of spice are what I manly tasted smooth and complex not a bad smoke for the price

  10. jrcigars

    I am a huge fan of AJ Fernandez! I have never found a smoke he puts out I didn't like. Witchdoktor Robustos are one of my favorites.

  11. jrcigars

    If you have not tried a Witchdoktor then you are missing out! This is an AJ Fernandez home run. Spicy creamy and some serious coffee notes. This is my second box I can't get enough of these!

  12. jrcigars

    A really nice cigar. Smooth with a great taste. Can't go wrong with this cigar!

  13. jrcigars

    Great cigar from start to finish. Very happy n bought a second box of them.

  14. jrcigars

    Received in sampler. Normally I enjoy an Oscuro wrapper on Nicaraguan cigars; pleased other reviewers like it but not me. Draw and construction excellent but flavor disappoints.

  15. jrcigars

    5 stars all around! I do not buy many and definitely an amateur but for this smoke there's no amateur about it. Great smooth taste from start to finish. Chocolaty dark taste is great for those summer night campfires. And on top of it all JR has them at a great price. By the way I'm already on my second box…

  16. jrcigars

    AJ Fernandez does it again and again and again! Full bodied full flavored with subtle hints of coffee at times. Eerily similar to the New World but a bit more flavor.

  17. jrcigars

    This Stick has serious body and depth of flavor. Not for the timid Macanudo smoker. Very well constructed and pressed for a slow easy draw. A cigar the strong should be Sipped not Gulped. Overall an Excellent Stick for those that love full bodied = ME.

  18. jrcigars

    This cigar is great. Nicely packed and shipped. It has a nice draw and great smelling aroma.

  19. jrcigars

    They first one I smoked I didn't care for the taste so I gave rest to my brother he loved it so I smoked one more didn't care for it I liked the smell but flavor not so much my personal favorites are Gloria Cubana r series #5 maduro so you might know what I was hoping for

  20. jrcigars

    Back again over 30 years of smoking some great cigars and this one ranks with the best. This is such a great cigar that to date haven't let me down. My wife ordered me a few boxes for Father's day because as she put it I seem to enjoy them so much. If you miss trying this one that's your loss.

  21. jrcigars

    Nice smoke output good flavors I am a repeat purchaser I smoke these usually on my way to work with some coffee no Better way to start your day

  22. jrcigars

    Love this one Great flavordraw. Lots of smoke. Will be getting more. Try them!!!!

  23. jrcigars

    Just got in In a batchnice smooth drawgreat taste . I don't think I ever had a bad square pressed cigar.i got this on a whim I am impressed.

  24. jrcigars

    I love this cigar. Enough to not hand them out when friends come over. I love the box press. They burn almost flawlessly and produce a nice long ash. The flavor is wonderful. Nice and creamy from start to finish. Nice chocolate under tones and slightly nutty. I love this cigar so much I just ordered two more boxes.

  25. jrcigars

    Great smoke and flavor. Really like the wrapper as well. Burns very consistent and slow.

  26. jrcigars

    . . . then you'll love this stick. Construction burn flavor are all excellent. Smoke is thick and very creamy. I've never had a bad AJ stick and this just continues his string of triumphs!

  27. jrcigars

    He said Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla bing bang and gave me one of these wonderful sticks. These cigars are in my opinion the best in the line of JR cigars try one and let the WitchDoktor put a spell on you!

  28. jrcigars

    Enjoyed this Cigar. Glad I have several more waiting at home.

  29. jrcigars

    Wonderful smoke. Burned evenly and a blast of flavor. I would recommend this cigar to everyone. I enjoyed it so much I ordered a box. Looking forward to smoking another.

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