Consuegra Superiore No. 17



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Media / Fuerte

Tipo Capa



Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua



Color Capa



El puro Consuegra Superiore No. 17 es un delicioso cigarro rápido para el fumador con presupuesto ajustado.

Empaquetado en un paquete de 25,los puros Consuegra Superiore No. 17 utilizan los mismos tabacos premium de alta calidad que encontrarías en Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch y Excalibur.

Sin embargo, su precio es aún más atractivo. Está envuelto con una envoltura EMS hondureña premium que le proporciona la combinación perfecta de notas terrosas, de cuero y de sabor picante.

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  1. jrcigars

    Very decent smoke for the price. Good draw and consistency. Nice medium flavor.

  2. jrcigars

    Good cigar for the price; some in bundle are really good, but none are bad. They're not weak, so be aware of that. I believe these are made from premium brands

  3. jrcigars

    good cigar for the price. Even burn and good draw.

  4. jrcigars

    Half of box was not rolled firm, burned faster then normal

  5. jrcigars

    Have smoked this cigar for years.

  6. jrcigars

    Great cigar for the price

  7. jrcigars

    Pretty sure this a second to the Hoyo Corona. The size has its place and that size hits above its weight. I tend to favor fuller-bodied Hondurans and these don't disappoint. The Maduro-wrapped version has a better body imo but both are great roasts.

  8. jrcigars

    I smoke some really good cigars and for what it is it's pretty good. I'll buy more I've smoked 8 and not a problem yet. A little tough on the finish but all in all I like them

  9. jrcigars

    Smoked half of the bundle and it's a little on the bitter side for my taste…a cigar can be spicy but I wouldn't say this is spicy. My reaction was sort of bitter so it's not to my taste but others may like it. Lots of smoke loosely packed so the draw is good the construction okay. Gives me that tell-tail tickle in my throat which is usually the sign of cheaper tobaccos. Probably won't order again.

  10. jrcigars

    Wow! What a cigar. I've been smoking for years and Consuegra is my go to cigar for affordable smokes. This particular size is my favorite. Earthy a little spice and a good bit of leather.

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