Consuegra Governor No. 16



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Media / Fuerte

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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua



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El puro Consuegra Governor No. 16 de tamaño Toro es una ganga en paquete!

Los puros Consuegra Governor No. 16 son un excedente de fábrica de alta calidad, una versión asequible de algunos de los mejores puros hondureños como Punch y Excalibur.

El puro Consuegra Governor No. 16 de cuerpo medio a completo con una envoltura Maduro oscura y rica. Un gran puro a cualquier precio, pero a este precio, este paquete de 25 pùros es imprescindible.

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  1. jrcigars

    So far these cigars have been near exceptional!

  2. jrcigars

    Excellent cigar

  3. jrcigars

    Stumbled on this one kinda by accident. How do they do it. This stick is better than most ten dollar sticks from some highly sought after brands. Great flavor, easy draw, tons of smoke and it just gets better the longer you smoke it. Burnt my finger by trying to get all of it. The consistency is good but with all things hand made, you will find one or two a bundle that don't live up to the majority. Will buy again.

  4. jrcigars

    Excellent the price

  5. jrcigars

    Funny how my 1-Star review disappeared from here. These were once great cigars, I used to smoke them all the time. Best Buy for your buck, but that was more then 10 years ago. I have nothing good to say about these anymore, they burn terribly with a horrible draw, when that’s not happening the wrapper is coming apart. Every now and then I give them a try to see if they gotten any better, the answer is a BIG NO. In a bundle of 25, about 15 you’ll be throwing away.

  6. jrcigars

    I smoked these back in the 90's and they were excellent cigars for the money. For $22.00 A bundle, at $55.00 I definitely have to pass, you can get A first run smoke in A box for that price today. JR has excellent choices to choose from, so why settle for A second!

  7. jrcigars


  8. jrcigars

    One of the best cigars for the price and it has gone up in price conciderably. When it continues up I will quit smoking cigars !!!

  9. jrcigars

    Cigar was ok

  10. jrcigars

    Good medium to full cigar, burns will, good draft. Would recommend.

  11. jrcigars

    These are awesome cigars love the taste them are always great smoke output leave a good taste on the pallet. And aways Reasonable priced

  12. jrcigars

    As with all consuegra's some bundles as good and some are so so. Overall a good value been smoking these for about 15 years.

  13. jrcigars

    These are really great cigars for the value! I've been ordering these for over 5 years now and I've always been pleased with them. Thank you JR!

  14. jrcigars

    I really like these cigars and keep coming back to these over all others I've tried including many of the more pricey premiums. Beautiful maduro wrapper white ash even burn great draw and flavor. The only negative is that RARELY some individuals will have hollow channel through the cigar making an even burn difficult. This is a minuscule issue IMO since it has rarely occurred.. It's my go to cigar for an inexpensive great value cigar. Please keep the Consuegra on inventory and the price low JR's!

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