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Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20

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República Dominicana





Tipo Capa

Connecticut Broadleaf


Dominican Republic



Color Capa



Para los amantes del puro Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20, esta versión más corta es una excelente elección. Su capa maduro le otorga un sabor rico y naturalmente dulce, mientras que el tabaco de tripa vintage dominicano crea una experiencia de fumada suave y lujosa.

Considerado uno de los mejores puros maduro, el Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20 es un verdadero placer. Con unas dimensiones de 5.50 pulgadas de largo y un cepo de 50, este puro es ideal para disfrutar en cualquier ocasión.

Cada Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20 viene empaquetado en un cofre de cedro de 25 puros, garantizando su frescura y calidad.

Descubre por qué el Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20 es una opción preferida entre los aficionados a los puros y disfruta de una experiencia inigualable.

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  1. jrcigars

    It’s hard to beat an aged Maduro to me and Ashton definitely makes a stron running for the best with his stick! Amazing stick with a great start and finish!

  2. jrcigars

    I love Ashton cigars these always have really good notes. really good smoke and great build quality

  3. jrcigars

    I love the cigar smell like Heaven it is perfectly built fantastic draw and worth every cent I keep the stock in my humidor at all times

  4. jrcigars

    This is good anytime any place. Really good cigar. Solid flavor. Overall very good and upset when it ends

  5. jrcigars

    I love it This earth the cigar full of leathers birthstones and spices is right up my alley. Go out and try it immediately this is one that you will buy for years to come

  6. jrcigars

    The Ashton aged Maduro 20 is a dark and oily stick oozing with flavor. burn one ASAP

  7. jrcigars

    When you smoke this cigar and you expects this maduro to be strong and full bodied you will be in shock. Nothing taste sweeter smoother richer and so delicious

  8. jrcigars

    This is for me another blah Ashton stick. Nothing spectacular but nothing horrible either. I had it with a cup of dark roast and picked up a lot of nutty undertones with an almost mahogany scent. Leathery notes with a bitter last third

  9. jrcigars

    Good cigar not a great maduro. Classic Ashton construction but the Connecticut wrapper is better. Needed more oomph more spice.

  10. jrcigars

    This is a consistent smoke like most Ashton products. The only complaint I have is the flavor. This does not fit my desired flavor profile.

  11. jrcigars

    Another great one but overpriced. Ashton used to was my favor until prices went through the roof.

  12. jrcigars

    One of the best maduros I have ever had. So full and flavorful and sweet and tangy. Almost made me salivate like it was a steak

  13. jrcigars

    Great cigar full flavor. Classic for the Ashton brand. If your new to cigars this will be to string.

  14. jrcigars

    Ashton aged maduro no. 20 is the best maduro I think I ever had. Great flavors. Tastes of chocolate and coffee

  15. jrcigars

    Very good stick. Great flavor down to the nub. Great burn awesome ash. Always keep a couple in hand

  16. jrcigars

    The Ashton aged is a well rounded cigar. Medium flavor smoke with a favorable draw. Very consistent smoke great for after dinner when sitting around with friends. Well worth it.

  17. jrcigars

    I was gifted an Ashton Maduro 20 as a gift and not being familiar with the Ashton brand I wasn't ready for one of the best maduros that I ever had the pleasure of smoking. It was a medium smoke that was also mellow and very rich and smooth. The Connecticut Maduro wrapper was awesome and sweet that continued all the way thru and never had an uneven burn the whole smoke. As a first timer for an Ashton I would rate this one a 98 overall. Just writing about it makes me look forward to the next one.

  18. jrcigars

    If you ever thought that all Ashton was good for were mild cigars then you have not tried this. Perfect medium body and packed with sweet earth flavors

  19. jrcigars

    Very much enjoyed this cigar. I love a maduro and this one will hit the spot. Creamy and leathery to spicy and peppery. Great stick.

  20. jrcigars

    This is a great constructed cigar. It smokes really nice draw is good. Nice medium body smoke.

  21. jrcigars

    Flavor notes: cedar leather chocolate. This cigar is dark and oily with a good cap. The draw is quite firm. The burn was nice and even.

  22. jrcigars

    Ashton branded cigars are Fuente made. That says enough already but this has a good maduro sweet flavor and a decent profile. Not too full or heavy just a bit over medium body it's nice. Try It.

  23. jrcigars

    Great smoke. Very Nice flavor and consistent draw and construction. Would buy again for sure.

  24. jrcigars

    Yum I'm a big fan of maduros. This cigar has such an oily wrapper. The foot pours with smoke.

  25. jrcigars

    My buddy Chico gave me this Aged Maduro from Ashton. He's kind of a joker so I didn't expect much. To my surprise thus wasn't too bad not great but it's a pretty solid cigar.

  26. jrcigars

    Wow. The aged Maduro is a bold smoke. Rich flavors throughout. Wrapped nicely with a slight oily feel. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw

  27. jrcigars

    A little sweet a little bit nutty and a little woody. Nice stick for the price. It doesn't disappoint at all

  28. jrcigars

    A sweet smoke with a pleasant fresh tobacco aroma. Flavors are sweet wood and raisen sweetness with a little touch of spice. As mild as it looks and very pleasurable!

  29. jrcigars

    This is a pretty good maduro. I enjoyed it very much. Great flavor. Very nice burn.

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