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Los Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Churchill son puros cuidadosamente elaborados por Alec Bradley en Nicaragua para replicar el sabor clásico de los puros premium hechos en Tampa que fueron enormemente populares a principios y mediados del siglo XX.

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Churchill es un puro elaborado con tabacos de tripa largos de Nicaragua unidos por una audaz liga nicaragüense, cubiertos luego por una encantadora capa de Connecticut-seed hondureña.

Los puros Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Churchill, de fortaleza suave a medio, ofrecen sabores ricos y suaves de café, madera, especias, cedro y caramelo que se pueden disfrutar en cada calada.

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Churchill, un puro para todo tipo de fumadores, seguramente se convertirá en un elemento básico en tu humidificador.

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  1. jrcigars

    I was very pleased overall with the cigar and I would definitely buy this again.

  2. jrcigars

    Overall a good cigar. Decent but not great taste. Good burn and draw. Good cigar for the money you pay.

  3. jrcigars

    Another smooth easy going smoke No frills but if you get a decent deal on it it's a good smoke

  4. jrcigars

    Smokes with an good draw not too tight burns evenly with a firm ash. nice price for this medium smoke from A B. Have not had an Alec Bradley I didnt like yet

  5. jrcigars

    Good medium cigar. Enjoyed the flavor and consistency of the cigars. I have become a fan of the Alec Bradley in of cigars. Smooth burn and well constructed.

  6. jrcigars

    harsh and too strong cant enjoy that combo.

  7. jrcigars

    This product is a decent cigar I recommend it for both beginner and longtime smokers. Before trying these all I ever smoked were Connecticut style but transitioning to these was not a problem at all. I recommend giving these a shot as see what you think.

  8. jrcigars

    I was surprised with this stick. Great smoke time on this stick. Will be buying more

  9. jrcigars

    Nice stickburns slow with good draw never got hot. Nice creamy flavor. Probably will buy some more

  10. jrcigars

    I really enjoued this cigar. It was given to me by a buddy. It is a fairly mellow cigar. I prefer a medium full. Bu I still enjoyed this one

  11. jrcigars

    Good smoke full of flavor. Alec Bradley makes great cigars. They taste really good with coffee

  12. jrcigars

    It his is an awesome medium to full body smoke with wonderful earthy notes heavy cedar and plenty of smoke output.

  13. jrcigars

    The Alec Bradley Churchill is a great cigar. The draw was a little bit tight. Other than that perfect!

  14. jrcigars

    The American classic is chock-full of Murica! A sought and tumble flavor that drops a payload of freedom all over you palate!

  15. jrcigars

    I don't always feel like Alec Bradley get the respect that they deserve because these are incredible cigars that don't get the highest marks

  16. jrcigars

    Awesome smooth flavor. Nice slow burning very aromatic cigar ready for the conesieur to enjoy

  17. jrcigars

    Horrible construction and would not burn. No flavors due to knot just above the band

  18. jrcigars

    Rich with sweet notes of coffee nuts and wood. Very smooth but also has great complexity. A very budget friendly smoke.

  19. jrcigars

    Wow nice medium bodied smoke. These are really a great but reasonable cigar. Love it

  20. jrcigars

    The Alec Bradley American Clasic is just what I've been looking for. It was a smooth even burning flavorful smoke. I enjoyed the easy draw and flavor from first puff till last. I will be ordering these again.

  21. jrcigars

    Very good smoke. Lasted me a 1.5 – 2 hours. Has simple flavor. I got a little spice and some ceder notes here and there especially near the end. Very smooth and creamy at first and maintained it through the end. I would say its definatly a mild to medium. I would recommend it to anyone with a little time on their hands for a very relaxed smoke.

  22. jrcigars

    Just great overall cigar. Enjoy them as I am fabricating parts for my race car. Last me a god while with nice flavor. Smooth and enjoyable.

  23. jrcigars

    Kind of a laid back lighter flavored and slow burning cigar. It is mild and creamy great for beginners or anybody who might be burnt out on the full in your face flavors of stronger smokes.

  24. jrcigars

    Didn't look too interesting to me but my local lounge have a five pack special. This is what they do for cigars that don't sell at regular price. The price was too good to pass up and I figured I could pass it on to my nephew is I didn't like it. To my surprise it was a flavorful cigar. I find alec bradley agrees with my palate. Good smoke medium body.

  25. jrcigars

    Straight sweet tobacco flavors with occasional transitions spicen nuts cream and occasional spice. Very enjoyable

  26. jrcigars

    I don't know that classic fits this bill. If this cigar is a classic I can't understand how AB built its business. Not good

  27. jrcigars

    Not a classic at all can't fathom putting that title on it. AB should be ashamed. Just like Ford should be ashamed of the pinto

  28. jrcigars

    I liked this cigar a lot. Very nice and smooth flavor with great construction and a smooth finish. I would smoke this one again.

  29. jrcigars

    What you would expect from Alec Bradley. A really good smoke a little milder than I prefer but knew that going in. Will keep a few For my mild to medium friends

  30. jrcigars

    i would not reccommend thos stick very bad construction super tight draw burns off just not a very good cigar to me

  31. jrcigars

    This is a very good cigar nice draw great smoke output good burn. Really enjoyed it.

  32. jrcigars

    A very tight cigar with a wonderful draw when lightning it. Smooth smoke with hints of cedar cocoa. The cigar burned evenly and was very firm to the end. No pepperry after taste. Very good smoke.

  33. jrcigars

    The Alec Bradly classic American blend is a nice mild tasting cigar that is very smooth to smoke.

  34. jrcigars

    no burn or draw problems. the wrapper was very nice looking. I got flavors of wood spice and sweeter caramel.

  35. jrcigars

    American Classic blend by Alec Bradley is one of my favs for sure. Big flavor and good smoke nightly recommend

  36. jrcigars

    These start out great with a nice natural earthy taste and get a bit nutty getting into it but all the ines I've had got very bitter and soft by the last 3rd.

  37. jrcigars

    The American Classic blend was a great summer smoke. Has good notes of pepper. The blend was good with having a nice creamy and nutmeg tones.

  38. jrcigars

    Nice smooth cigar. Subtle sweetness and mild for a nice long enjoyable smoke. Don't rush this take your time and savor this gem.

  39. jrcigars

    This cigar has great flavor but the construction consistency can be hit or miss. Dont age this cigar yourself smoke it fresh.

  40. jrcigars

    Not surprised to have yet another quality Alec Bradley cigar. Time after time i know i can reach for almost any Alec Bradley and feel satisfied.

  41. jrcigars

    Good cigar excellent aroma good burn with good construction and consistency was overall good. We'll wrapped tight cigar seemed to some very well with a punch.

  42. jrcigars

    This is an exceptional Churchill that makes a bold statement. The rapper is of good construction and will give a consistent burn. Nice filler. Mellowtones can be smoked to the end or cut and you can create a Robusto for the go.

  43. jrcigars

    I had these for the first time at a wedding. The grooms brother bought these for everyone and even the people who dont smoke cigars often really enjoyed them.

  44. jrcigars

    Alec Bradley smokes are wonderful and exotic. This is for sure. Nice draw and the flavors were some of the best I've had in a while.

  45. jrcigars

    The Alec Bradley American Classic in Churchill is a fantastic cigar for a bargain price. It's fairly complex and easy going enough for anyone to enjoy. Hats off to the AB team for a home run.

  46. jrcigars

    This cigar was okay at best. The outer leaf was falling off when I received it in the mail and it was very dry. I left it in my humidor for a couple months but it could not be restored.

  47. jrcigars

    Pretty bland for an Alec Bradley pretty one deminsional and mild. Good burn and smoke output worth trying one

  48. jrcigars

    Ok so Alec Bradley is one of my favorite brands of cigars to smoke period when I smoked this cigar I did not feel that it was quite up to the Alec Bradley standard I am not sure what it really needs but it just needs a little something and it would be a great cigar

  49. jrcigars

    Alec has done well in mixing and making this smoke… good flavors with an excellent burn… nice construction… get a few

  50. jrcigars

    Haven't had an Alec Bradley I didn't enjoy. This is not one of my favorites but a good smoke. Smells like hay and the smoke starts that way hints of leather and pepper. Mild to medium strength.

  51. jrcigars

    I had the dark wrap in this. really nice but didn't care or the way it burned. however it has a nice earthiness to it. like the wrappers texture.

  52. jrcigars

    This is a great everyday smoke. Nice smooth creamy smoke with great construction. Goes great with your morning coffee.

  53. jrcigars

    Mild plus good earthy tobacco's. A good everyday stick. Pairs well with a lite beer; maybe a white ziffendale or a moscato wine! This is a stick that begginers and seniors alike can enjoy!

  54. jrcigars

    Not a bad cigar. Over all considering the price and the quantity of tobacco that is in this monster of a cigar it's a great deal. The fact that the flavor is solid and it is well constructed is icing on the cake. Honestly one of the better cigars that I have smoked for the price.

  55. jrcigars

    I received this cigar in a trade with my friend back in December. I saved it until the 4th of July because of the name. I've had some Alec Bradleys that haven't been too good and others that have blown me away (presnado)

  56. jrcigars

    Yes I have smoked the American classic not to mention many other from his line.Every cigar I've had by him was excell

  57. jrcigars

    The ab American classic is a great al around smoke to me med to full flavor kinda creamy on the exhale with a slight hint of pepper

  58. jrcigars

    Not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination. The construction was horrible to say the least. The cap came off before the cutter made it half way through which started the wrapper to peal. The first third started canoeing which only got worst. After numerous touch ups and relights i managed to make it to the last thrid. I was hoping to relax after work with cold adult beverage and have a nice smoke but i feel as if im still a work trying to nurse this stick back to health. While it was lit the draw was nice. The flavors just werre not there for me. I did get some spoce at the front as most have stated but then flat. The last third did start to come in with a fresh hay but my palette was to scorn to enjoy. Maybe a bad stick. Maybe not for my taste. At any rate if i get one in a sampler i may give this stick another go but a long shot of buying any to occupy space in my humidor.

  59. jrcigars

    This is a good cigar. I can't remember how much it was though. I picked this up at a local cigar store in a grab bag with some other cigars. It was a good smoke with pretty good flavor. I would recommend it depending on what the price was.

  60. jrcigars

    It's ok. Smoky woody a little complex. It's a good everyday cigar. I had a 10 pack and half had wrapper issues.

  61. jrcigars

    Always love a Bradley and this one is no different. Rich smooth and even throughout. Great construction as always and the flavor is perfect

  62. jrcigars

    I love Alec Bradley. When I grow up I want to be like him. I love this blend. Very creamy and very dessert like. Good one to grab

  63. jrcigars

    I love Alec Bradley. When I grow up I want to be like him. I love this blend. Very creamy and very dessert like. Good one to grab

  64. jrcigars

    Wasnt the best cigar. Mine was dried out and cracked. Burned hot and uneven. Lack of any flavor or true character.

  65. jrcigars

    The abAmerican blend to me was a little harsher than the rest of the ab product line to me there was a hay like flavor that I did not really care for at all but some may like it well made just not my cup of tea

  66. jrcigars

    Decent smoke starts off with a good pepper and wood later mellows out to a sweet hay. Lacks consistency and several had burn issues needing multiple touch ups.

  67. jrcigars

    Alec Bradley hit this one over the fence. A good hour or better of cigar enjoyment. Great flavor clean finish and looks good in the hand. Nice volume of tasty smoke

  68. jrcigars

    This Alec Bradley was delicious. I enjoyed every minute of it. Good construction and draw. Enjoyable through and through.

  69. jrcigars

    I've always been a fan of the Alec Bradley line. It's worth a try for anyone who loves a good premium smoke.

  70. jrcigars

    Alec Bradley is a serious contender for top company in the business. They have the stuff. And this stick is no different. It is great. Great taste.

  71. jrcigars

    The flavor of this cigar was very peppery and a little bit too bitter for me. It also burnt very uneven and I had to touch up the burn multiple times.

  72. jrcigars

    I love the American Classic blends by Alec Bradley. Surprisingly full of flavors and construction was top notch

  73. jrcigars

    I love the American Classic blends by Alec Bradley. Surprisingly full of flavors and construction was top notch

  74. jrcigars

    Good inexpensive smoke I've had quite a few of these. The draw was a little on the loose side and there was a bit too much barnyard flavor gor my liking but still a good stick for its price.

  75. jrcigars

    Chocolate and espresso in a Connecticut sun grown wrapper?!? Yup. Great construction as always and a great burn.

  76. jrcigars

    Thisvalec Bradley is loaded with Honduran tobacco and the quality construction you expect from ab lots of sweet tobacco flavors

  77. jrcigars

    For a cheap cigar it isn't bad. A little mild and boring for my tastes but not offensive in he least.

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