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127 mm / 5 in


Connecticut Shade





Color Capa



El puro Acid Blue Blondie Belicoso, perfectamente enrollado, es un cigarro premium único en su clase.

El puro Acid Blue Blondie Belicoso con una mezcla secreta de hierbas, botánicos y aceites infusionados cuidadosamente se integra suavemente en el relleno nicaragüense y las capas suaves de Connecticut shade.

Su sabor único y aroma misteriosamente seductor han convertido a los puros Acid Blue Blondie Belicoso en una elección popular entre los fumadores modernos.

Con una calidad artesanal impecable y una combinación de sabores distintiva, el puro Acid Blue Blondie Belicoso es una opción apreciada por aquellos que buscan una experiencia de fumar verdaderamente excepcional.

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  1. jrcigars

    I liked it. Lost my favorite cigar when Nat Sherman folded. Loved the Metro Host sweet tip. Blonde is good. The draw is not as smooth. A little to sweet for me, but close. The flavor was nice, but it was not the same all the way through like the Metro is/was. I’ll keep trying.

  2. jrcigars

    I. Enjoyed. The. Cigars. Then. I. Got. Sick. But. I. Smoked. 5. #. In. A. Row. !!! Good. Cigar. Though. !!!

  3. jrcigars

    Huge fan of this cigar.Burns well, im never without a box in reserve.

  4. jrcigars

    I’m a KUBA KUBA guy. This Blondie is a very nice smoke. It’s definitely less sweet that the Kuba. I tend to enjoy that sweetness a little more. Nevertheless, This is an excellent stick.

  5. jrcigars

    the best – nothing else worthy of smoking

  6. jrcigars

    I was refused the order

  7. jrcigars

    Short, quick and to the point.

  8. jrcigars

    WOW I am enjoying my first one right now. Will be on my way to get a box today.

  9. jrcigars

    On a recommendation from my uncle I tried Acid for the first time and was taking them on a camping trip with a fellow smoker who likes mild cigars, these blondies had a great mellow taste and easy draw, I will definitely buy them again.

  10. jrcigars

    Everything about the cigar is high quality except for the taste it taste like your smoking a perfume or potpourri

  11. jrcigars

    Very sweet cigar. I find them great for an after dinner cigar or that first cigar of the day. Very flavorful with several flavor changes throughout the stick. I've purchased numerous singles and five packs and have just recently purchased my first blondie box. Can't go wrong with these. Dont let the size fool you. These are a slow smoke for their size

  12. jrcigars

    They are all the same if it's blue just different draw they are good I like the red acid line better myself

  13. jrcigars

    Good infused smoke. I’m not a huge fan of this flavor but it is a really well done smoke. Great draw and construction with lots of smoke. If you like infused cigars that aren’t typical you will enjoy this.

  14. jrcigars

    Wow what a cigar! This one is by far one of my favorites it has a smooth light smoke with sweet aromas and flavors. Every time I buy cigars I make sure to get a couple of these with it. Buy it give it a try and you won't go back.

  15. jrcigars

    Easily one of my top ten favorite cigars! I actually prefer the Blondie over the Kuba Kuba! I often catch myself smoking two or more a day and the price makes that possible.

  16. jrcigars

    This cigar is so sweet and aromatic. I fell in love with this thing and now I am a huge fan of the acid line. It got me into other drew estate cigars as well

  17. jrcigars

    This is a fun cigar to enjoy! Different from the light up! I wouldn't want a steady diet of these however!

  18. jrcigars

    Another fine product from drew estate. Very nice blend of spices. Even burn. Smooth and emjoyable

  19. jrcigars

    I finally tried one of these..not for me..the perfume flavor was awful..I don't know how people smoke them..maybe for alady that wants acigar but doesn't really like cigars…

  20. jrcigars

    Very smooth aND not bad for my first flavored cigar. I will be more than likely keeping one in my humidor for the future.

  21. jrcigars

    My wife loves these cigars. I have tried them and don't care for flavored cigars however it is very well constructed and burns perfectly. If flavored cigars are your thing you will probably like this one

  22. jrcigars

    Love the sweet notes and blends in the acid Blondie. One of my go to sticks. Just ordered another box

  23. jrcigars

    Love the sweet smooth taste from start to finish. This stick is what I was told it would be and nothing less.

  24. jrcigars

    I don't like the acid brand much. This cigar was being smoked at a party and didn't even like the smell of the draw. Sorry. Not a fan

  25. jrcigars

    Great flavor and burns very well

  26. jrcigars

    Genuinely one of my favorite ACID cigars. Great flavor (my girlfriend also enjoys) and solid construction…and for a JR price that won't break the bank compared to regular retail outlets.

  27. jrcigars

    Very different cigar but a great smoke. Virtually anytime is a great time to enjoy this stick!!

  28. jrcigars

    Jr Cigars is a top notch and in my opinion the most reasonably priced cigar retailer!!! Quality cigars with lightning fast shipping!! I am extremely happy I found JR Cigar!!

  29. jrcigars

    One of my all time favorites from Acid. Just bought a box you wont be disappointed!

  30. jrcigars

    Excellent cigar

  31. jrcigars

    I am only buying the Acid line now. I love the flavors and the quality is top notch. They do cost more than others but knowing each box will be great every time is worth it.

  32. jrcigars

    Acid blues are great cigars. Coffee notes with a hint of cocoa. Awesome price too. I usually try to have some in the humidor.

  33. jrcigars

    This was my first foray into the world of flavored cigars. It is light and sweet very easy draw. Nice cigar that tastes as if it were dipped in sugar.

  34. jrcigars

    I started smoking the Blondie's when the Kuba's started getting expensive. They are the same great taste as the Kuba's

  35. jrcigars

    I enjoy the added favors that Acid brings to the cigar world. The aroma emitted from the cigar is actually tollarable to non cigar smokers. The cigar goes great with my fine scotch as well as withy favorite beer. It's a fun cigar to kick back with in my patio or on the gold course.

  36. jrcigars

    I always enjoy Acid cigars and highly recommend them for a good smoke. The Blondies are my favorite along with the Kuba Kubas and deals at JR's are great!

  37. jrcigars

    Mild flavorful cigar with an easy draw. A taste on the sweet side makes it a perfect replacement for desert. Less fattening also (lol).

  38. jrcigars

    Love what the Drew Estate folks are doing. Just a tad bit spendy for a working musician but a great (and wonderfully different) treat. I also wanted to say me recent discovers of the Upman Havoc and Ether by Rafeal Nodal & Boutique Blends are stunning.

  39. jrcigars

    A bit pricey but a great smoke for desert after dinner

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